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The Schimel Lode: Encouraging Innovation and Collaboration for the Public Good

How to Apply – and Connect

For foundations and other possible collaborators, feel free to call Ruth Schimel for an exploratory phone chat. 202.659.1772

Step One

For Prospective Participants (aka recipients of pro bono consulting services and seed money): When your idea or vision relates well to the information on our home page and other relevant aspects of The Schimel Lode website, we look forward to receiving your inquiry. Please follow closely the four bullets below. E-mail you inquiry to Alert: We avoid supporting current efforts and duplicating similar or closely related ideas already in our area or elsewhere.

Your focused inquiry of no more than two pages must include a:

If your inquiry does not seem to relate to our approach, we’ll inform you as promptly as possible so you can connect elsewhere.

Step Two

When a good match with the Lode’s approach seems possible, we’ll invite you for a conversation and/or request a longer description for review by our Board and relevant collaborators. For your information, following is the description of well-focused information we may request. Please keep it to less than 10 pages and avoid boilerplate.

We appreciate your interest and attention to our guidelines.